Receding hairline. Is it a problem?

Every man, sooner or later, has to deal with the problem of receding hairline. But is it really a problem or we all just take it too close? Some girls even think it is sexy and gives exquisite charm to man. Moreover, modern hairstyling techniques allow you to style your hair just the way you want it, cover what should be covered and underline what should be underlined. If you fall inside of this category, our blog is created for you. Here we have three stylish and simple haircuts to cover your receding line.


# 1 Short sides – long top

Apart from being extremely stylish and trendy, this hairstyle perfectly works on thin, damaged hair. It is kind of classic hairstyle that allows you to play with different looks and adjust your hairstyle to your needs. All you need is to keep your top layers long, sides and back – short. In your everyday life, you can comb your mane whether to the back, or to one side. You can also alternate these variants and look different every single day.


# 2 Short and spiky

If your hair texture doesn’t allow you to grow out enough length on top, keep your mane short through the whole length. Styling wax (for shiny look) or pomade (for matte image) will help you to create coveted spikes and embrace sharp haircut. The only thing you should keep in mind is using too much product is never a good thing, especially if your aim is to achieve natural look.


# 3 Buzz cut

If you think that nothing will work on your hair, cut it short, really short. For example, go for a buzz cut. As we all now, this hairstyle turned to be very popular during last few years and became something way bigger than a simple military cut. You will spend maximum 5 minutes on styling and even less time on keeping it clean. Just don’t forget to visit our barber at least once a month and trim your mane.

Choose one of these hairstyles and update your image easily.