How to pick an ideal haircut

Some guys think that finding a new hairstyle is a very easy task. You just imagine what you wish for, make an appointment with your barber and explain him your imaginary haircut. Well, if you fall inside the category of such guys, don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and see a scared guy that doesn’t look like you at all. Do you know why is it happening? Because barber is not a magician, he cannot reach your imagination and copy things out of that.

Picking a haircut is a very crucial process and you have to treat it right. Here we have a detailed guide for all guys who now are in a search of new cut. Keep in mind all these peculiarities next time you will make an appointment at your barbershop.


# 1 Find an inspiration

Hairstyles don’t come out of nowhere. You need to find some inspiration, the base you will rely on in future. Don’t be too lazy to search the internet, talk with your friends and relatives, get free professionals consultation or do whatever it takes to find your perfection. Remember: laziness is your main enemy, and we are talking not only about hairstyling.


# 2 Consider your face shape

You face shape is one of the most important things you have to pay regard to, choosing a good hairstyle. Even the coolest, trendy cut can look funny on you, if it doesn’t feet your face shape. Oval is considered to be an ideal one, all the rest should seek for it. If you have round face, make an accent on the top layers, to elongate visually your hair. Guys with too sharp features should spot for more round haircuts to mitigate angles.


# 3 Think about your hair structure

We all are different. Some guys have straight, thick mane, other – kinky, prone to thinning hair. That is why you should keep this fact in mind, choosing your style. If you have no idea what we are talking about and what hair structure really is, consult with your barber before starting to create your future hairstyle.

Follow these tips and you will definitely find what you are looking for.